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Our Team

We are avid travellers who turn an idea into reality: Creating visual and fun products for travellers. Finding your way around town? Ordering food? Making a small talk? An idea was born. We will make travelling fun and a bit easier, TravelEasy! We combine various elements into the products to make them useful, fun, stylish and comfortable to wear or to use on your travels. 

We are also fashion enthusiasts who want to create unique collections, in white, for women. The idea for White Dream came from our desire to inspire women around the world by expressing femininity, purity and elegance through the colour white. With a fashion line in a single colour we have created an exclusive style for every occasion.

TravelEasy and White Dream are where travel meets fashion and style.


Profiles of our team

Thanh Tai Vo (Tai), Founder

Travelling is my biggest passion. Nothing beats the feeling of waking up in a strange country, with unfamiliar sights, sounds and scents. I have travelled to 39 countries and each country is unique in its own way. I have been lucky that my work also involves a lot of travelling so on this TravelEasy journey, for the first time, I'm combining work and passion into one experience. 


Vivian Tran, Co-founder

With 14 years of experience in Media industry, and a strong love for travelling, fashion and beauty, I aspire to bring together all these elements into a fashionable line. White Dream is inspired by my love for the colour white as it embodies purity, elegance and femininity. By creating an exclusive line for women, my aim is to bring out the inner beauty of all women for every moment, be it at work, home but when you are travelling. 



Behind the scenes we are supported by a team of talented professionals:

  • Angie Ngo, Logistics
  • Dai Ngo, Photographer
  • Will McCandles, Travel guru
  • Mia Tran, Marketing 
  • Ha Thao, Designer
  • Jessica Yap, Author
  • Elke Biechele, Entrepreneur

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