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4 interesting feedbacks about TE shirt you can’t miss

The TravelEasy shirts have been launched for 10 days. We are so happy and delightful not only for the appreciation of customers for our first product, but also for the feedbacks of those early birds. 
  1. Icon, icon, icon

“Icons say better than words. Funny, convenient, futuristic alike, best for small talk, icons made Travel Easy its own unique way of communication. I love this genius idea!” – David from France expressed his feeling about TE idea.

  1. Great material

“I love the spandex in TE material, it was super comfortable! International sizes, cotton material, I can wear TE for a whole day walking under hot weather!” – said Jay, an American tourist.

  1. Useful

“For travelers who go to a whole new country, TE is the one for you. I had a blast in Chiangmai, where not many people can speak English fluently just with this shirt!”  - Jenny shared about her 1st time travelling in Thailand.

  1. Stylish

“I was being stopped and asked many time because of my TE shirt, it looked like a fashion item. Sometimes, I don’t even have to look what version of TE I’m wearing, it looked hip itself already!” – co-founder of Eudoxia personal stylist service.

Explore the world in your own way, share your amazing stories in a Travel Easy way today!


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