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5 common misconceptions about white T-shirts

Check it out if you ever have these following misconceptions about white color T-shirt

  1. White T-shirt makes me fat!

People often think dark color clothes will make you look neat and assume that the light color makes you fat. The reality is that colors are not as important as designs and decorations on the shirt itself.

Wearing white T shirt with elegant partern, combined with the right pants, skirts, shoes, you don’t need to worry about your body. In addition, according to fashion experts, the white always helps you look graceful & youthful.  Let’s skip familiar black and try some White T shirts!

  1. White T-shirt can only be combined with short and jean

It’s true that white t-shirts perfectly combined with shorts or jeans to own the dynamic look.

However, t-shirt can match with skirt, midi or maxi skirt. You can also mix t-shirts with pants & culottes, blazer or sport pants. Pleated skirts, lace can also perfectly match the T shirt.

  1. I should not wear white t-shirt to work

This is totally a misconception. You can wear t-shirts with pants, office dresses and still look very fashionable and youthful. Pay attention to the colors when combined: a white T shirt with colorful textures should be combined with dark or monochromatic dress, pants,  accessories to fit with your workplace.

  1. White T shirt make me looks plain

Everyone thinks black is mysterious, red is power and white t shirt make us fuzzy, unattractive. In fact, white is a basic color, helping you to create a feminine style, bring extremely comfortable feeling to others. Among desirable girls with black and red, if you wear a nice white t shirt with natural makeup, you will win everyone’s hearts!

  1. White T shirt must be cheap!

This is only true for travel shirts sold at the amusement or flea market. Recently, you can see some top brands sell their basic printed t-shirt of a few hundred dollars. A high quality white T shirt needs four points: perfect fabric, form, tailoring and sharp printing. Only one small mistake in the textiles or printing stage will denounce the quality of a white shirt. So, do not hammer a cheap White T shirt.

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