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White Dream launches new addition: Moonlight

“Moonlight” is inspired by the luminous tropical summer moonlight, using a silk-screen printing technique that creates the soft print surface.

Black textures on a white background, with a circular structure that is in harmony with the body. Moonlight brings together the elements of classical and contemporary styles, with vivid accents of femininity and beauty.

In particular, the shape of the Moonlight transforms a traditional T shirt to a stylish shirt with a wider body, drop-shoulder sleeves and a small bat wing to accentuate the the female form.

Special fabric material is another highlight of Moonlight. You will be completely fascinated by special fabrics with 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Cotton is extremely body-friendly, sweat absorbent, extremely soft and can cool down the body in hot weather. Meanwhile spandex elastic makes you feel comfortable in every movement.

Moonlight shirt is available at www.traveleasystore.com from 1st September  

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