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Visual Designs

These are some of the unique design elements in our products:

  • Six key phrases for the specific country. At the back, the country is printed for clarityAt the moment, the following languages are available: Malay, Thai and Vietnamese. New languages will be added to the collection soon. 
  • Commonly used symbols that are universal and can be recognised in other countries so the shirt will be fun to use in many parts of the world
  • Fun to wear: Point, communicate, have fun! Easy communication with symbols and body language. Ordering a beef noodle? Asking for the way to the train station? Initiating a small talk? Just point!
  • Fashionable and stylish
  • Excellent idea for gift or souvenir
  • The front prints of the black T-shirt have reflective ink that reflects light in darker locations

Universally recognised travel symbols
Thai phrases
 Malay phrases
Vietnamese phrases
Making small talk in Vietnamese?
Asking for direction to the ferry in Thai?
Or simply using symbols to order rice with chicken?
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